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Title: The unholy trio chapter 12: The sands of time

Author: onthethruway01

Length: chapter 12 of ?

Genre: angst, horror, fantasy

Pairings: JYJ

Rating: pg

Summary: three unnatural creatures find solace in each others company

A/N: I don’t feel comfy writing smut right now; I think it’s too soon after the death of Yoochun and Yoohwan’s father.  So this is a little interim chapter about the genie and his past life.  Enjoy!

The golden spires and minarets gleamed in the sunlight; white plumed birds flying over head, their beautiful wings spread wide open.  They soared high; their bodies silhouetted by the afternoon sun.   The holy man; high in his white tower, summoned the faithful to prayer.

Far away from the magnificent city, the desert sands swirled around a lone traveler; he seemed to glide upon the air; his steps not hindered by the biting sands.  The wind danced beside him; grains of sand playfully whirling like a dervish in a trance.  He smiled beneath his robes; he loved the desert; it was an ocean of endless wonders and beauty. 

He stopped for a few minutes at an oasis; green palms shading a pool of fresh, cool water.  He drank from it briefly; filling his leather pouch for the journey.  The small caravan that rested there looked at him uneasily; there was something wrong about a man who travelled the desert alone without a horse or camel to convey him through the treacherous sands.  They offered him food, which he gladly accepted.   He tossed them a gold coin as payment.

“Travel with us,” they entreated, but he refused their protection.

“He’s mad,” they all whispered to themselves.  “Let him go; perhaps God has chosen his path.”

The traveler bowed deeply to them and went upon his way.

“We will pray for your safe passage” they called out to him.

As the oasis faded from view, the sands joined him once more; dancing around him, they entreated him to join in their play.  He waved his hand and the small wisps turned to great towers; menacing tornadoes with funnels that threatened to swallow up the heavens.  With another hand gesture, the great plumes of sand seemed to come alive like never before; features grew at their spout; eyes and mouths wide open; howling a mournful song in the midday sun.

In the distance, the great white minarets loomed; the traveler stopped; the towers of sand beside him; their tails twisting on the ground, waiting for their master to continue his journey.  But as the traveler looked at the great gates, the plumes of sand frowned.  Just as the travelers journey had reached an end, so had theirs.  Their faces melted away as the magic faded; turning once more to mere wisps, they blew away leaving no trace.

He approached the gates with caution; the stern looking soldiers with sharpened swords barred his way.

The guards inspected the stranger closely.

“Where have you come from?” they asked him.

The traveler bowed and smiled.

“I’ve come from Cathay.  My poor camel died upon the Silk Road.  I have relied upon the kindness of strangers who have offered me food and drink.  I seek employment in the great city in hopes of repaying those who aided me.”

The guards accepted his tale and let him pass through the great gates.  Once inside, the weary traveler breathed a sigh of relief.

“You shouldn’t lie,” the voice inside his head chastised him.

“I know, but would they accept the truth?  They would say I was a lunatic and lock me up.”

“You could always use your magic to escape.  Honestly, you are so powerful; you could take over this place and rule it with an iron fist.”

“No.  I made a vow; never to harm anyone again.”

The stranger continued to argue with himself, glad that the city streets were crowded and no one could hear him.  He meandered his way through the Bazaar; the sights and sounds a delight to him.  He inhaled deeply; the smell of incense and coffee mingling together.  A young woman; her face covered in the traditional manner, beckoned him to feast at her simple stall. 

Lowering his face covering, the woman suppressed a gasp.  The traveler smiled sweetly; her surprise was expected; he was not from these lands; no doubt a person of his race was a rare sight indeed.  After feasting upon lamb kebob marinated with spices, he drank some refreshing sekanjabin, the delicious mint drink of Persia.  He thanked the woman and paid her well; once more walking through the city streets. 

The sights and sounds were intoxicating; silks, treasures, spices and more were sold at small stalls; merchants calling out to the throng; enticing them to enter their shops.  He purchased some clothes and basic supplies while inquiring about lodgings.  An old man pointed the way to a small inn which catered to weary travelers.

Once inside the small tavern, all eyes were upon him.

“He’s from the far east,” they all said, his almond eyes and high cheek bones giving away his origins. 

He greeted them warmly; a look of shock on their faces as he spoke their tongue perfectly.

After acquiring his room, he retired, but not to rest; this traveler didn’t need sleep.  He would often “cat nap,” but it wasn’t necessary, for he was no ordinary man; in fact he wasn’t a man at all.  He was, as the people of this land would call him, a Djin.

As he disrobed; the magical creature glowed like the golden coin he carried in his pocket.  Slender and beautiful, the Djin changed into the silken robes he had purchased.  Satisfied that he was ready; the golden aura dissipated; the Djin once more appearing as a young man from far off Cathay.

He walked for hours, memorizing every turn of the streets; every shop and building.  The names of merchants, officials and ordinary citizens were ingrained in his head.  Hours turned to days, days to weeks, as his fame spread; the handsome stranger from far off Cathay became famous.  He earned his living in the streets; performing simple magic tricks for the amusement of the crowd.  He made enough coin to sustain a living; it wasn’t really necessary for him to work, but he had to do something to give the appearance of normalcy.   No one suspected the truth; that he wasn’t normal at all; that he was a creature of fire and smoke; a creature once known for mischievous deeds and mayhem.

A great horn sounded in the midday sun; the crowd parting as armed soldiers and mounted cavalry exited the palace; slaves carried a palanquin; the person within shielded from view.  The crowd paid homage to the royal personage as the escort made its way through the crowded city.  Not wanting to seem out of place; the Djin bowed like the rest of the citizens.  Unbeknownst to the person behind the silk curtains, the Djin’s eyes saw all; the visage of a lovely girl in fine embroidered raiments. 

Her name was Yasmina, and she was of the blood royal.

“A princess,” the voice inside his head whispered.

The Djin tried to ignore his own thoughts.

“She’s lovely; you should take her.”

“No,” he mumbled in anger.  I will not.”

But as he made his way back to his simple dwelling, the Djin was plagued with visions of the lovely girl.

Like clockwork, the Princess Yasmina appeared once a month on the city streets.  The more the Djin saw her, the more he became enflamed.  He undressed her with his magic; her lithe form naked; the curves of her breasts and hips exposed to the greedy eyes of the mighty Djin.

The voice inside his head grew louder and darker.  Ominous and foreboding it convinced him to make the fair princess his.

In the dead of night, when all the citizens slept; the Djin turned into a trail of smoke.  Unobserved by all, he floated upon the breeze and entered the private chambers of the unsuspecting princess.  There, in the privacy of her bower; the golden Djin made his presence known to the girl.

“Do not fear me,” he told Yasmina; his voice soft and dulcet.  “My name is Jaejoong and I am from Cathay.  I will not harm you; your beauty has captured my heart.  Let me love you and give you pleasure.”

The Djin made love to the frightened girl; powerless, she bowed to his will.  He left as he came; a trail of smoke leading out into the night. For many nights thereafter, the Djin made love to the princess; the girl no longer frightened, but enthralled with her magical lover.

But one morning, a hand maiden who had risen earlier than usual, saw a trail of smoke exit the princess’ chamber.  She reported the mysterious incident; the princess forced to confess her sins to her father, the Sultan, and his advisor, the Grand Vizier. 

“A Djin,” the Sultan murmured. 

The vizier nodded his head.

“We must fight magic with magic.  Send for the court magician!”

A plan was formed; the court magician setting a trap for the Djin.  The creature of fire and smoke came to the princess’ bed chamber.  He showered her with love; the princess pretending that all was well.  But the Djin could sense her uneasiness.

“You have betrayed me,” he told her; her eyes misting over as the court magician appeared before them, a golden lamp in his hands.

Taken by surprise, the Djin was unable to counter the spell; his body turning to smoke against his will.  Overtaken by the magician’s power; the helpless Djin spoke one last word before being sucked into the lamp forever.


The princess felt sorrow, for she truly loved her golden Djin; but her love for her father and her sense of duty was far greater. 

The lamp was tossed inside the royal vault amongst the thousands of coins and jewels that filled the royal coffers.

The princess fell to her knees and wept; her tears falling upon the magic lamp.

“Forgive me,” she whispered to the Djin.  “One day you will be freed by someone worthy of your love.”

She kissed the lamp and walked away; the golden vessel buried in the dark forever, or so it seemed.

The legend of the genie spread, and in time, many plotted and planned to steal it, but all who tried, failed, and were punished.

Not long after, war came to the gleaming city.  Its walls crumbled in the wake of the enemy; its vault sacked; the golden lamp along with many other objects sold time and time again.  But no matter how hard they tried, the magic lamp would not reveal its secrets. Many tried to release the genie, but the magical creature continued to slumber within its golden prison. 

Time passed; reality became legend; legend faded into memory, until a British expedition uncovered the lamp at an archaeological dig.  The lamp was subsequently purchased from the expedition and eventually made its way to the window of a small curiosity shop in London.  There, in a tiny corner of the big city, the Djin Jaejoong sensed his deliverance. 

The lamp glowed in the sunlight.

“Yoochun, Yoochun.  I am here.  I am yours.  Free me.”

After a thousand years of waiting; the magic sparked once more.  From the ashes, a creature of fire and smoke arose; set free by someone worthy of his love.


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Mar. 18th, 2012 09:37 pm (UTC)
You don't have to write smut in every single chapter.
How sad that he was betrayed. :(
Thanks for the update.
Mar. 18th, 2012 10:00 pm (UTC)
you're welcome!
Mar. 18th, 2012 10:32 pm (UTC)
Totally understandable about not feeling up to writing certain stuff. Take your time and write when you can enjoy it!

Finding out about Jae's past was interesting. Especially love the last few lines ^^
Mar. 18th, 2012 10:58 pm (UTC)
I need to do Junsu's story next.
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 18th, 2012 11:58 pm (UTC)
thank you.
Mar. 19th, 2012 02:43 am (UTC)
I love this side story. It's so visually beautiful. And it totally has me craving middle eastern food lol. Gorgeous chapter seriously.
Mar. 19th, 2012 02:50 am (UTC)
thank you. I'm going to write Junsu's story next.
Mar. 19th, 2012 12:58 pm (UTC)
that's a sad past... at long last, he has found someone worthy to love... and there's two of them.

this chapter was a good and understanding idea... we're all sad for what had recently happened, and with yoochun coming back to work earlier than expected, we're all hoping that he won't push himself too hard and too far...

at least we can rest assured that even with what happened, they remain strong and grounded and professional...

hope you update again soon~^^
Mar. 19th, 2012 01:02 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for reading and hanging in there. I think my next chapter will be about Junsu's origins.
Mar. 19th, 2012 04:02 pm (UTC)
oh poor jae ;; being betrayed and stuck in his bottle till yoochun came along o3o
im really loving the back stories on them hun ^^ i cant wait to hear more of junsu actually :D
Mar. 20th, 2012 01:57 am (UTC)
thanks for reading; will update soon
Nov. 3rd, 2014 06:36 am (UTC)
I liked this chapter ^^

I loved the imagery of Jae playing with the dessert sand. That was beautiful.

It's so sad that he was betrayed though ;;

Really, really liked this chapter :)
Nov. 3rd, 2014 10:58 am (UTC)
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