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The demon did not flinch as the tip of the knife broke his
skin. He smiled at the security chief,
completely ignoring the small trickle of blood which trailed down his milk
white neck. Bound and shackled, Yoochun
had no choice but to accept whatever punishment Changmin would dish out.

“Now my friend, tell me why you are here.”

The demon flashed his fangs at his captor; refusing to show fear or pain.

“Come now Yoochun, I know you can speak. You are a clever creature, aren’t you?”

A low growl escaped the demon’s throat; he narrowed his eyes
at the security chief in an attempt to intimidate him.

“Changmin,” the demon spoke; his voice deep and raspy.

The security chief chuckled and removed the point of the
blade from the demon’s neck.

“So, you can speak.
See; that wasn’t hard, was it?”

The demon continued to stare him down.

“Changmin has funny eyes,” Yoochun spoke; cocking his head
as he intently studied the security chief’s face.

The sting of the Bowie knife as it pricked his skin once
more made the demon hiss.

“Changmin has big ears.”

The demon cried out as the blade went deeper.

“Don’t fuck with me Yoochun.”

The demon smiled and licked his juicy lips. He had found Changmin’s weakness.

“Changmin has a beautiful mouth. Yoochun wants to kiss it.”

A strong hand grasp his windpipe; cutting off his air.

“Don’t think for one moment that I won’t slit your
throat. You best behave and tell me what
I want.”

Changmin released Yoochun from his grip; the demon gasping
for breath.

“Why are you here?
Are there others? Where are
they? How many of your kind are here on

The demon mumbled something under his breath.

“What did you say?”

The deadly knife waved in front of his eyes.

“Go fuck yourself.”

Screams reverberated off the walls of the prison cell…

“Jesus Jae, step on it!”

The angels looked at each other and nodded. They had both heard the pleas for help. The tiny female had communicated with Jae
almost simultaneously with Yoochun’s psychic connection to Junsu.

“Fuck that Changmin.
I knew he would pull something like this.”

Jae’s hands gripped the wheel tightly as he sped off for
P.R.O.U.D. headquarters. They prayed to
God that they would arrive in time…

The white walls were splattered with red; blood dripping
down to the floor from a slashing cut in Yoochun’s torso.

The demon struggled not to show his pain. The cut was deep, but his vitals were still
intact. He was bleeding heavily, but the
wounds were not mortal; at least, not yet.

Fingers entwined in his long hair; head yanked back; eyes
wide; mouth agape.

Changmin smiled at him; smatterings of blood dappled on his

“I know you don’t care about your own life, but what about
your girl? All I have to do is give Minho the word and he’ll fuck her so hard she’ll be
calling his name instead of yours. He’s
a horny bastard; every since you’ve been here he’s been itching to get some
demon pussy.”

The demon began to slip into unconsciousness. He closed his eyes; head slumping
forward. Changmin’s slap across his face
bringing him back from the darkness.

Yoochun shrieked at the security guard; his eyes now yellow
and glowing. Changmin backed away from
the demon; the beast continuing to scream and convulse; pulling at his
restraints; the shackles biting into his wrists and ankles.

Changmin watched as the animal struggled for several minutes
until exhaustion over came him.

The security chief slowly approached his captive with
caution; the demon panting like a dog.

“It’s no use; even a demon can’t escape these cuffs. Now why
don’t you cooperate and tell me everything.”

The demon shook his head.

Changmin walked over to the door of the adjacent room; her

“The choice is yours.”

A voice inside his head whispered softly.

“Tell them. Do it.”

The security chief pulled out his badge and began to swipe
the card.

“No,” the demon spoke through gritted teeth.

Changmin raised an eye brow, as the door whooshed open.

Minho thanks you,

The voice inside his head was loud and clear.

“Tell him, or I will.”

The female looked through the door to see her mate bloodied
and bound in chains. She screamed and
broke free from Minho’s grasp. Despite her delicate condition she shoved the
security chief out of the way and ran to Yoochun’s side. Wrapping her wings around him as protection,
she shielded him from further harm.

“I’ve underestimated the little lady. Come now girl, maybe you can tell us what’s
going on.”

Yoochun shook his head.

“Be silent bitch,” he commanded his mate.

She smiled seductively at Yoochun then kissed him hard.

“No one tells Satan’s daughter what to do. We are all doomed, Yoochun. They will kill you and tear our baby from my
womb whether we tell them or not. Since
I am going to die, I will take my revenge on the foul creature
responsible. Junsu will pay and so will
his friend, Jaejoong. He’s one of them too.”

Yoochun looked at Lilith with surprise in his eyes. Another
angel was here and he didn’t even sense it?
The girl was more powerful than he thought.

“When we are martyred
my father will wreak havoc upon these puny humans and the angels that protect
them. He will descend upon the Earth and
destroy them all. There will be
vengeance; there will be Armageddon.”

The demon Yoochun narrowed his eyes at his mate.

“They are coming Yoochun.
I’ve called them. I can’t wait to
see the look on their faces when they find out we have betrayed them.”

Yoochun growled.

“They won’t believe you.”

Lilith smirked.

“If there are demons, surely there are angels. I know all about our enemy. I can prove it. I can make them reveal their true selves, especially
Junsu. He is weak.”

Yoochun shook his head.

“Even so; angels protect the humans. Changmin would do nothing to hurt an angel.”

Lilith released her mate from her wings and whispered in his

“If they are so helpful, why have they remained hidden for
so long? Why have they lied? These humans will be very angry once they
learn there have been angels living here under their very noses for all these
years; angels that due their own inaction and deceit will bring out the
destruction of the world.”

Changmin tapped his foot.

“I hate to interrupt this little lovers spat, but if I don’t
get some answers, I’m going to plug somebody.”

The security chief drew his side arm and began loading it
with live ammo.

“Yoochun came for Junsu and I followed him,” the female
blurted out; her mate screaming like a banshee and resuming his struggle to
free himself.

He had no intentions of dying without a fight; he would take
Changmin and all his cronies with him.
Changmin’s men grew nervous as the demon summoned his inner strength;
eyes glowing; face contorted; wings expanding and vibrating; muscles straining
as the chains began to pull away from the ceiling and the wall.

Lilith looked at Changmin and then at Yoochun. They were going to kill each other. She knew she was going to die and her baby
with her. But Satan’s daughter had one last trick up her sleeve.

Her posture changed; the small, delicate creature seemed to
transform before their eyes; her body becoming dark and imposing; eyes glowing
like a burning sunset. She spoke; her
voice commanding and powerful; the humans now frozen in fear.

“You will not hurt us.
We are not to blame. It’s the
angels. Don’t kill us. Kill the angels.”

The door burst open; Jaejoong and Junsu striding through;
magnificent white wings fully extended; Junsu’s hair long and flowing; the
color of spun gold. Jae stood next to
him, dragging what looked like an unconscious man behind him.

“Yunho!” Changmin
yelled as his focus was turned from the demons to the new threat.

“Hello Changmin,” the angel Jaejoong spoke. “We need to talk.”

Title: P.R.O.U.D. 16 – Knife Edge
Author: onthethruway01
Pairing: Yoosu, Yoochun x female oc, hints of Jaesu, hints of Yoomin
Genre: smut, angst, het, fantasy
Rating: R
Length: Chapter 16 of ?
Summary: Junsu is a scientist in charge of two demons
Warning: mild gore/violence
A/N: I was writing this when the earthquake hit. So weird…


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Aug. 24th, 2011 06:44 pm (UTC)
the new LJ fcked up the spaces ._.

no matter how evil Min is in this fic, I second following: “Changmin has a beautiful mouth. Yoochun wants to kiss it.”

you always stop in the best spots! idek what could happen next *_*

can't wait!!!
Aug. 24th, 2011 09:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah this new lj is messing me up. Will update soon.
Nov. 13th, 2011 08:36 am (UTC)
Hmm...does Changmin care about Yunho??
Sep. 19th, 2012 06:19 pm (UTC)
well Yunho wasn't that scary... lol

now Changmin and Minho are in trouble... cause I guess Minho still there right ? XD
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