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The Night Shadow

Title: The Night Shadow, Chapter 1
Author: Onthethruway01
Length: chaptered fics
Genre: Science Fiction, DBSK fanfic
Summary:  Humans discover a violent alien race
Rating:  only the intro; some violence/gore

The sergeant yelled into the mobile communication device.

"We're under attack.  They came at us from nowhere.  We're being brutalized down here."

Weapons fire exploded; screams of the dying filled the air.  The grim faces of the officers on the bridge of the Space Battleship Chicago turned toward their admiral.  The middle aged man shouted into his communicator from his command chair.

"Sergeant, what is your position?  I repeat, what is your position?"

Their was a brief crackling and then silence on the line.

They were dead.

Down on the surface, a lone figure stood; his only weapon a sword of ancient origin.  The alien donned an advanced tech suit that was impenetrable to normal weapons.  Triumphant, the alien walked through the carnage he had created, his black armor covered in human blood; it dripped in rivulets down his blade.  His  sensors picked up a life form; one of his foes was still breathing.  He approached the hapless creature who was taking it's last breath.  The dark figure raised his sword and plunged it into the human's heart, ending the creature's suffering.  Pulling the deadly blade from the lifeless body, the alien looked up at the stars.

"Come for me," the alien spoke in his native tongue, "Yoochun will be waiting."

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