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The Dragon and the Rabbit

OMFG...not another fanfic?

Onthethruway productions presents:

The Dragon and the Rabbit

Starring:  G-Dragon as: The Dragon (duh)
                  Micky Park Yoochun as: The Rabbit (duh, again)
                  Noona as: The girlfriend
                  Sungmin from SJ as :The snitch
                  A Cast of thousands (well, not really)
Summary:  All eyes are on the DBSK vs SME lawsuit, when it's revealed that Micky has a girlfriend.  To make matters worse, someone else is scheming to get his claws on the girlfriend and fly her away.  Will the evil plot to steal Yoochun's girlfriend succeed?  Stay tuned my faithful readers.  Same LJ time, Same LJ channel....

The reporters shoved their microphones in their faces.   They were brave young men, never letting the pressure get to them.  Except HIM, of course.  The sensitive one.  The one who despite his reputation for being a ladies man and a pimp, could never handle the pressure.  He was doing his best, but his best wasn't good enough.  As the press continued to hound them, one voice and it's unusual question caught everyone's attention.

"Is it true that  Yoochun has a girlfriend?"

Dead silence.

All the reporters looked at the man who asked the inquiry.  He repeated the question.

"Is it true that Yoochun has a girlfriend?"

Yunho put his hand on Yoochun's arm and applied a small amount of pressure.

"Relax," he whispered into the younger man's ear.  "Let me handle this."

"Yoochun, Jaejong and Junsu are here to discuss their grievances with SME.  Changmin and I are here to offer them moral support.  We are not here to discuss personal issues."

Cameras went off and more shouting was aimed at Yoochun.  He was starting to crack.

"Yoochun, it's a simple question," another reporter asked.  "Just answer it."

"Yes answer,"  the shouts increased from the crowd.

Yoochun took the microphone.  The others tried to convince to keep quiet.

"I met a girl in Japan," the baritone murmured into the mic.  "We are just friends."

The reporters were not satisfied with the answer.

"I heard she was a white girl from America."

"Is that true?  Is she a white girl?  Tell us."

The pressure was getting to him.  His head hurt and his vision was blurring.  Sweat dripped down the back of his neck.  His heart was pounding so hard  that the thumping nearly drowned out the noise from the paparazzi.  As they continued to harass him, he could feel his lungs constricting.  His asthma was acting up.

Just when he thought he was going to pass out, Changmin tugged on his shirt.

"Hyung, she's here.  Look.  She's in the crowd."

Yoochun rose to his feet despite his dizziness.  He began to strain his neck to see if Changmin was right.  There, in the back of the crowd was a tall, leggy young woman;  her jet black hair cut to her chin in a sleek bob.  Her milk white skin seemed to glisten in the summer heat.  All eyes turned to see who Yoochun was looking at.  They gazed in wonder at the woman who looked familiar to them.

"Oh my God," one of the reporters exclaimed, recognizing the American girl for the first time.

"She's famous.  It's that model from New York.  She's an American supermodel!"

The reporters abandoned DBSK and crowded around the new comer.  The model did not flinch.  She was used to attention, and from a much harsher crowd.  These Korean reporters were nothing compared to the American press.

They began to flood her with questions, but before she could open her mouth, Yoochun screamed at them.

"Leave her alone."

He ran to her, despite the fact that he could barely breathe.  He rudely pushed the reporters out of the way and came between them and the girl.  She could see he was visibly shaken.  The other members of DBSK tried to come to his aid, but Yunho stopped them.

"No," he said, shaking his head.  "This is Chun's business.  Let him handle it."

Blinding flashbulbs went off in the girls face, but she hardly noticed them.  She smiled sweetly for the cameras as if she was walking down a runway or on a photo shoot.  But the intrusion into his personal life was more than Yoochun could take.  His body began to quake and he felt as if he was going to pass out.  Tears rolled down his cheeks as the paparazzi came in for the kill.

No longer amused, the young woman put her arms around Yoochun to keep him from falling down.  The reporters went wild seeing the supermodel holding on to their country's idol in an inappropriate way.

"I'm sorry ladies and gentleman," the young woman spoke in her broken Korean, "this interview is over."

Still holding on to a near listless Yoochun, she pushed her way through the crowd until they reached the street where her limo was waiting for them.

The driver opened the door and stood ready to whisk them away.

"Come Chunnie," she whispered in his ear, her English strangely soothing to him.  "Come.  I'll take you home."

She helped him into the back seat of the limo, the reporters still hounding them and taking pictures.  The driver slammed the door and sped off in the direction of the house that Yoochun had purchased for his mom and little brother.

He buried his head in the crook of her neck and moaned softly into her ear.


To be continued, God help us!


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Aug. 26th, 2009 11:56 am (UTC)
you just had to stop there didn't you?! oh you TEASE! *grumble* lmao
Aug. 26th, 2009 01:02 pm (UTC)
So I'm assuming you like it!
Aug. 26th, 2009 02:19 pm (UTC)
indeed i did!
Aug. 26th, 2009 02:28 pm (UTC)
it's going to be bit different and not very long maybe 5 chapters max?
Sep. 8th, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC)
*is shot*
Sep. 9th, 2009 12:10 am (UTC)
there are two more chapters so far.
Sep. 9th, 2009 12:59 am (UTC)
Chun Watch Sept 2009
go back to Sabrina's post about us kidnapping Chun and force feeding him. We've been having some fun with that idea.
Mar. 12th, 2012 10:53 pm (UTC)
Fic description.
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