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Hello anyone still here?

I'm alive just dealing with real world stuff and in a creative slump. I hope everyone is ok.


Can you tell me if there is a way to move my fics to Google docs without haven't to do it one at a time.  i realized they are not all backed up.


Het drabble; Himchan inspired

Title:  None, really

Rating:  PG 13?
Genre: fan fic / het
Characters: Himchan x oc
Author: onthethruway
Length: drabble
Author's note:  After seeing him live I realize photos can't capture the true nature of this man's beauty.  Post concert depression is very real.

I imagine your arms around me; holding me tight and drawing me in closer.  I can feel your heart pounding. You are frightened, but you don’t want to show it.  I kiss your lips which are so full and warm. You invite me in; our tongues tangling together until we are breathless  Your mouth and hands explore every inch of my body and I return the favor; my fingers dancing lightly across your heated skin.  Your breath hitches as I gently stroke you; you are more than ready for me; anxious to be enveloped within the warmth of my body. Deep moans escape your lips as I give myself to you.  Your eyes narrow and deep growls emanate from your throat. You thrust inside me and I feel your power, your desire, your strength, your willingness to please. But I also feel your insecurity, your pain, your sadness.  You yearn to be loved. You give it freely but wonder if it is in vain. So much hardship and pain. You want to please, to give love and to receive it. But the emptiness consumes you and you yearn and ache for real love.  When will you find it? Someday, my love, you will; in the arms of someone who doesn’t care who you are or what you are. Someone who loves you because you are you. As I dream this dream, I feel a twinge of jealousy and yet I feel pity and want you to be truly happy and find that special someone who will nurture you and be with you always.  As I wake I feel no sadness; it was a good dream; a dream that I hope will one day come true for you.


I'm still here but i fear not much happens here anymore.  i have an idea for another B.A.P. fic and may post it this weekend if it gets done.  i hope everyone is well.

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