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Title: The Unholy Trio: Chapter 16, Foul deeds remembered

Author: onthethruway01

Pairing: JYJ, OC

Genre: horror, angst, smut, het, mystery

Rating: pg

Length: chapter 16 of ?

Summary: 3 unnatural creatures find solace in each others company

The vampire stared into the eyes of the gypsy woman, confusion evidenced on his face.

“What the hell is she doing here?” he yelled ignoring his pain. 

Jaejoong smiled; glad to see that nothing had changed.  Yoochun was as grumpy as ever.

“You brought a human to my lair; a stranger to my home?”

Jaejoong helped the vampire to his feet; Yoochun scowling at Noelle; her eyes misting over with tears.

“We were all strangers once, Yoochun.  Now we are a family.  Noelle is part of that family now.”

Yoochun’s eyes turned blood red and his fangs extended.

“She is not family,” he growled, “she is food.”

Yoochun’s pale body shivered as he stood naked before the gypsy woman.  A tiny streak of light from a small hole in the rafters streaked through and illuminated his slender form.  She blushed; her reaction catching the vampire’s eye.  Despite his injuries, he pressed the woman against the wall and stared her down.

“You like what you see woman?” he asked his voice deep and raspy.  “You want to be fucked by a vampire?”

The beautiful Nosferatu nuzzled the gypsy woman’s neck, tongue lapping her skin.  He inhaled deeply and quivered as her scent filled his nostrils.

The gypsy woman took a deep breath and summoned up her courage.

“I already have.”

The vampire froze.

Yoochun’s eyes turned to brown; fangs retreating; he stood motionless as the gypsy woman’s fingers dared to touch his face.  He swallowed hard as he realized what she was saying.

“Do you remember now?”

The vampire staggered backwards.

“I was just a child when you took me.  You killed so many innocents that day; those poor villagers who gave their lives to protect a child from the undead.  You slaughtered them, raped me, and then let me go.  You spared me that day and now I have returned the favor.  The Fates work in mysterious ways.”

The vampire turned away from her and looked towards the genie for guidance.  Jaejoong nodded his head.

“I went to see her and give my thanks; after all, she saved me too.  I was in that bottle for a thousand years.  And don’t forget Junsu.  He would have been in a cage or worse; stuffed in a museum somewhere.  Those men in the zoo would have shot him dead.”


The vampire staggered into the living room.  He fell to his knees as he saw the bat-like creature curled into a ball, Jaejoong’s magic spell binding him.

“He’s fine, for now.  Let him be.”

The vampire lost control.

His eyes turned blood red once more; fangs lengthening, jaws gnashing.  He shrieked like a banshee; his wails echoing off the walls, making the gypsy woman cowl in fear.  Yoochun pounded his fists on the floor.

“Let him rage,” the genie whispered in the gypsy woman’s ear.  “He needs this.”

Jaejoong silently escorted Noelle past the incensed Nosferatu whose violent tirade continued; silk pillows and objects within his grasp being hurled and broken across the room. 

“Wash up dear.  Don’t fret about Yoochun, I can handle him.  It’s Junsu I’m worried about.  We have a real mystery on our hands and I’ll need your help to solve it.”

Noelle ducked into the sanctity of the wash room.  Closing the door behind her, she fell to her knees and wept. 

Jaejoong remained steadfast as the fragile Nosferatu rampaged across the room, frothing at the mouth. Yoochun reached his breaking point and collapsed; Jaejoong shaking his head.

“You are a mess my friend.”

The genie lifted the slender vampire into his arms and placed him gently upon the bed.  He stroked Yoochun’s hair and sang a sweet melody.  The vampire’s body relaxed; soothed by the dulcet tones of the golden haired djin, he drifted back to sleep.

Jaejoong surveyed the living room and shook his head.  With a wave of his hand, the torn pillows and broken objects were mended and put back in their place. 

With hands on his hips, the genie smiled.

While Yoochun slept and Noelle washed up, the Djin prepared a feast for himself and his human companion.  They would need plenty of “brain food” to enable them to solve the mystery of Junsu’s madness.

Noelle inhaled the smell of fresh food and licked her lips.  The genie plied her with exotic delights; they talked and laughed as if nothing was amiss.

“You are delightful, my dear,” the genie told her.  “I hope the others will accept you.  I see no reason for them to doubt your loyalty to us.”

The gypsy bowed her head and blushed.

“I fear they will scorn me and send me packing.”

The gypsy woman’s smile turned upside down.

“My things, my home; I should return.  I can’t stay here, can I?”

The genie looked at her with big, puppy dog eyes. 

“Don’t worry my dear.  This is your home now.  All has been arranged.  Come see.”

Jaejoong lead Noelle passed the sleeping Junsu and with a blink of an eye, another room was miraculously plucked out of thin air.  There, in a corner of the vampire’s lair, was a complete replica of Madame Noelle’s parlor.  The genie had transported all of her belongings and arranged them perfectly.

“Oh my God,” the gypsy woman gasped.

A tear fell from her eye as her fingers danced over her possessions. 

“Wait,” she told the genie; “I owe my landlord.  I need to pay him.”

An evil grin appeared on the Djin’s face.

“’Tis done,” he said.

The gypsy looked at him, a puzzled look on her face.

“Did I tell you that Yoochun was rich?”

Jaejoong lead Noelle into the vampire’s chamber.

“Shhhh,” he whispered, placing a finger to his lips.

He opened a large trunk; Noelle’s eyes as big as saucers as she surveyed the contents.  The trunk was laden with gold, silver, jewels and other treasures.

Jaejoong closed the trunk and the two friends tiptoed past the slumbering Nosferatu.

“He’s rather miserly.  Look at all that money just sitting there begging to be spent.  Can’t you hear it calling us?  Jaejoong, Noelle, spend me, spend me.”

The two laughed as they returned to their feast.

“Let’s leave these two and go somewhere; Paris, New York?  What do you say?”

Noelle sipped on a glass of champagne.

“For someone who has been locked inside a bottle for a thousand years, you know a lot about the world.”

Jaejoong held up a copy of the London Times

“I adapt quickly to my surroundings, but I still can’t predict the future.  That seems to be your specialty.”

The genie pointed at the gypsy woman.

“It’s not precise,” she explained.  “It comes and goes.  My abilities didn’t manifest completely until I was eighteen, but still, I have yet to perfect them.”

They finished their feast and decided to start their search.

“Something must have triggered Junsu,” the gypsy surmised; “a dream perhaps, or something in this room. Let’s start with the book shelves.  Maybe Junsu can read.”

Jaejoong raised an eyebrow.  He checked on the sleeping Junsu; the beast snored loudly, showing no signs of waking up.  Noelle searched the room for signs of an open book

Jaejoong examined Yoochun’s living room.  There were pictures on the wall; dark and gloomy, they were enough to make anyone morose and depressed, yet there was nothing about them that would trigger a violent response.  As they continued their search, the two would be detectives were not the only beings searching for answers.

Two young men wandered the darkened streets of London; to the casual observer they seemed to be wandering aimlessly, but in reality, they moved with purpose; their destination ingrained in their minds.

They stopped in front of a door; a small apartment which had recently been abandoned.  They easily gained access despite the door being locked.  They entered without permission, for they needed none.  They stood together, tall and handsome, one slightly older than the other, but not by much.  The elder stood motionless as his companion slowly undressed.  He did not flinch at his junior’s nakedness; he gathered up the clothes and watched as his lanky friend transformed. 

The huge wolf went from room to room; he sniffed the air and every inch of the abandoned apartment.

“Are you finished?”

The wolf transformed back into his human form, the older man handing him his clothes.

“You’re grumpy.”

The older man sighed.

“To be quite honest, I don’t like this arrangement.  Your kind and mine have been enemies for centuries.  I’m not comfortable being paired with you.”

The wolf-man frowned. 

“Get used to it.  It looks like we are stuck with each other.”

The wolf-man dressed himself and continued speaking.

“The rogue has been here, not too long ago.”

“And the gypsy?”

The wolf-man grinned.

“No doubt she’s fled.  Perhaps she’s with him after all these years.  There was something else.  I thought I smelled…”

The wolf-man paused.


The wolf-man straightened out his cravat.

“I’m sure.  It was different.  I couldn’t identify the scent.”

He donned his top hat and the two young men wandered down the streets once more.

“I thought you were the best,” the older man asked.

“I am, but I’m not perfect.  Are you hungry?  There’s a great pub not far from here.”

The older man stopped in his tracks.

“You know I can’t eat food,” he explained.

The wolf-man smiled.

“But I can, and I’m famished.  Besides, there might be something or someone on the menu who might satisfy your palette.”

The wolf-man winked at his companion and patted him on the back.

“Please don’t touch me.”


The two unlikely partners headed down the cobblestone streets; vampire and werewolf united in an uneasy truce; their mutual goal clear; apprehend the gypsy woman and the rogue vampire at all costs, and kill them.


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Apr. 17th, 2012 08:28 pm (UTC)
Apr. 17th, 2012 10:52 pm (UTC)
ok... rampaging yoochun was not a pretty sight...

why do i get the feeling that the vampire and wolf are yunho and changmin? >.>
Apr. 17th, 2012 11:18 pm (UTC)
Apr. 18th, 2012 03:05 am (UTC)
omg Yunho and Changmin?lol Jaejoong stealing Yoochun's money xD Wait but can't he just make his own money since he is a genie? thanks for updating =)
Apr. 18th, 2012 03:53 am (UTC)
Jaejoong just likes to stir up trouble. Thanks for reading.
Apr. 18th, 2012 04:35 am (UTC)
Yay Min and Ho are joining in!
Apr. 18th, 2012 11:59 am (UTC)
yes, but they are nothing but trouble.
Nov. 6th, 2014 09:04 am (UTC)
Yunho and Changmin. I'm calling it right now! XD

I'd fall for Jae, if I was Noelle ;)

Poor Yoochun, always so upset.

This is getting interesting ^^
Nov. 6th, 2014 11:07 am (UTC)
the gypsy complicates things.
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