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Dawon Fan Art

Getting into Dawon of SF9 pretty hard.

K Con NY 2017

It was pretty amazing, although terribly hot.  I got to see my SF9 babies, so that was very cool.  Also got to see Kevin Woo up close and a close encounter with Highlight.  Just a great time. My computer is being a bum and not letting me share everything right now.  I'll try later.

Fanfic plot bunnies needed

I'm kind of in a slump.  If you can give me ideas for fics, please do.  Thanks.

Happy Birthday Yoochun

2016 was a crap year for Chunnie; here's hoping 2017 brings him success, joy and the happiness he deserves.

Happy May

I hope every one is well.  I haven't been too active here. I'm dealing with a lot of stress at work.  i just haven't had any ideas for fics.  i'm going to K Con NY and I'm really excited to see SF9.  I've also discovered Cross Gene (better late than never).  Far too many groups.  I'm slowly getting back into drawing so I will share when i have a few more pieces.  It's also the camping season and i'll be doing the Medieval thing next week.  Everyone take care.


My newest obsession

Discovered SF9.  My bias is Dawon.  I'll be posting SF9 stuff here everyonce in a while.

Yoochun is getting married.

I'm stunned.  Happy for him, but toally shocked.  I'm also worried that he might get out of show biz.  i hope my fears are unfounded.  Poor guy does need to take a break, but i hope it's not permanent.  I hate his accusers, the netizens and the press.  If he does quit, I hope they burn in Hell for ruining his life.


I hope everyone survived. We got a good amount but it was worse further north. Scott's car is still stuck. Hoping for Spring to show up.  

Home sick

I've got a nasty uti. They found blood in my urine.  i could barely stand yesterday. Feeling better today.  A bit peeved that my boss never contacted me after several attempts at my part.  i hope i still have a job.  I can't believe after telling him that i had to go to the ER that he never called to see how i was or confirm his receipt of my email, call and text.  Unbelievable.  I haven't been inspired to do anything K Pop related lately, except the Wonho drawing.  I am accepting suggestions for art and fiction, if someone wants me to write something.

I hope everyone is well.  have a great day.

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