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My new job

I was out of work for two weeks which was hard on my pocket book, but i've got a new placement.  I'm still in customer service, but it's much better.  Better pay, better commute, better people and a better job.  So far so good.


I quit my job

i quit on Monday.  it was such a mess there.  have something new in the works.  in the meantime, i drew this portrait of Jonghyun as my way of honoring him.

Winter storm East Coast, USA

No work today.  Everyone on the east coast of the USA, be safe.  Don't go out if you absolutely don't have to.

Happy New year

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy one.


It's been a terrible last couple of days.  I have been pretty numb but finally started crying last night.  I am here for you guys if you need to talk.


My cat is pretty photogenic. 

Fan Fics

I miss writing.  This slump i'm in is terrible.  i just can't write DBSK/JYJ any more.  I'm into SF9 now, but they are babies and i can't see myself writing them in smutty situations.  The other groups i like are VIXX and Monsta X, but I'm just not feeling it.  I've written other idols as side characters in my fics, but I was only able to write Hongbin as a main character and that was het. Who knows, maybe it will come back to me.

So I'm sorry for those who may be waiting for something from me.  I just can't.  I'm going to concentrate on fan art going forward; trying to draw more idols like VIXX, Big Bang, Monsta X, SF9, BTS, EXO, Seventeen, Got7, Pentagon, BAP, SHINee etc.  Maybe I'll draw some girls too and some K Drama actors.

Happy Sunday

I'm still here.  Just busy with my new job and life in general.  I hope everyone is well.

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